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Most people in Florida pay for insurance policies to protect ourselves and our families in the event of a loss.  A property insurance policy should provide coverage in the event of damage, loss or liability if someone is accidentally injured on the premises.  Lack of complete coverage can result in the loss of thousands or even millions of dollars and possibly even bankruptcy.  Yet, how many people read the fine print of their policy and understand if they are fully protected?
Couple this with the simple business fact that an insurance company, as a profit-driven business, is financially motivated to minimize coverage and payouts, leaves the majority of consumers at risk.
Despite this, typically in the event of damage, the first call placed is to that same insurance company whose intent it is to pay out as little as possible.
We represent only your interests which is much more likely to result in a higher payout to you.  Our fees are paid directly and separately by your insurance company pursuant to Florida law (Section 627.428, Florida Statutes).  We only recover if you recover.


RRBH Law handles home insurance cases in the following areas:

Why Choose RRBH

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Flood insurance claims typically come with federally mandated deadlines when a region has been declared a disaster area, and even if this is not the case, these claims typically have complex requirements.  Contact an insurance claim attorney from RRBH Law to help you receive fair compensation for flood losses.

Water damage may come from multiple sources including plumbing leaks, roof leaks, broken pipes, dishwasher leaks, water heater leaks, and faulty fire sprinklers.  When wind-driven rain enters your home or business, this is also considered water damage for insurance purposes.  Insurance companies will sometimes attempt to deny or underpay claims, and this is where RRBH Law can help.  Contact us before placing a major claim or in the event you have not been offered fair compensation.

We love our Miami weather but it does tend to get humid and in this climate mold is a common problem.  This hidden danger can not only cause property damage but is highly toxic to people, and damages may extend to personal injuries from mold exposure including new or aggravation of existing illnesses.

Insurance companies often claim they are not responsible for mold remediation costs, but your homeowner or renters’ insurance policy may cover these expenses.  If your insurance company refused to replace flooring or drywall damaged by water or if you or someone you care about has suffered health issues due to mold exposure, contact RRBH Law for a no obligation evaluation.

South Florida families work hard for our homes and belongings, and acts of theft or vandalism are stressful and disturbing enough without being told by your insurance company that your losses are not completely covered.  Theft and Vandalism insurance claims are typically very detailed and tedious to provide the expert documentation required by your insurance company to substantiate the value of your loss.  These claims are often quite costly, making proper legal representation essential.

Builders Risk Insurance is a specific type of insurance that covers builders and property owners during renovation, repair or construction.  It covers structures currently under construction as opposed to the contents covered by a typical property insurance policy.  If your insurance company has disputed a claim under your Builders Risk Insurance policy, please contact an insurance claim attorney at RRBH Law to help.

The attorneys of RRBH Law are prepared to take on your insurance dispute at any stage of the proceeding, and they offer the specialized resources and knowledge necessary for your case.