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3 Critical Things Your Insurance Dispute Attorney Wants You to Know

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Even though insurance companies are required to act in good faith, many attempt to take advantage of the complex and intimidating nature of the claims process to pay less than they should. Any insurance dispute attorney knows that the insurance companies are going to do what they can to reduce the claims they have to pay out. But as they say, knowledge is power. Here are a few things you should know about the insurance claims process.

Adjusters Know How to Negotiate

It’s pretty easy to assume that the adjuster the insurance company sends is on your side. They’ve spent a lot of money cultivating that image with commercials that imply that they are going to take care of you like family. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Insurance adjusters are trained in negotiation. For someone unfamiliar with the claims handling process, negotiating with an adjuster can be difficult, especially since they often ask questions that can be used by the insurance company to deny your claim. Talking to an insurance dispute attorney or even letting one take over the claims process for you can save you a headache in the future.

Adjusters Want to Undervalue Your Claim

In addition to knowing how to negotiate, adjusters are motivated to undervalue your claim. Many will try to convince you that your policy doesn’t cover certain things in your claim. Accepting an award that is undervalued can leave you without many options for recourse. That’s why it’s so important to hire an insurance dispute attorney who knows how to handle your case properly.

Settling a Claim Is Usually Less Expensive for the Insurance Company

Most of the time, insurance companies want to settle out of court. It’s just a simple fact that going to court costs more money. When you and your insurance company can’t come to an agreement, it’s critical to get the legal help you need. Not only will an insurance dispute attorney negotiate on your behalf and advise you on the best course of action—but they will also fight for you in court in the event that things come to that.

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