Sexual abuse is far too common. Unfortunately, so are unreported cases. No matter the circumstances, if you’ve been the victim of sexual assault, rape, or another form of sexual abuse or know someone who has suffered, you need a sexual abuse attorney you can trust to serve your best interest. At RRBH Law, we treat sexual abuse cases with the sensitivity and respect that they deserve. We will collaborate with you and guide you to work toward your desired outcome. Below are some of the types of cases that we handle:

Boy Scouts

Many of us gained confidence and experience by joining the Boy Scouts of America as children. Among other valuable lessons, the Boy Scouts prides itself in its ability to teach our youth to respect and trust their Scoutmasters. Unfortunately, as recent revelations of the inner workings of the organization have shown, the Boy Scouts of America is undeserving of the trust that we have granted it. With the help of law enforcement, the personal injury attorneys at RRBH Law will relentlessly pursue your case against any members of the Boy Scouts of America to help you get the settlement you deserve.


When we go to church to worship, we have a reasonable expectation that our children will be safe. Sadly, not everyone’s experience reflects that expectation. Members of the clergy and those associated with the church hold positions that elevate them above the rest of society. We need to make sure that they are accountable to those high standards. At RRBH Law, we are not afraid of pursuing cases that involve the church or any other high profile organizations. Our expert sexual abuse attorney team will guide and advise you as your case develops.

Why Choose RRBH

Unlike many big firms, our attorneys are the actual attorneys who will work with you. We’ll be the ones to walk you through your case and keep you informed.

Our lawyers push the boundaries. When we come across a case that exposes gaps in the system, we go farther. Recently, a law was put into effect based on a winning case.

We’re a boutique firm which means we serve the people local to us. Our clients are our neighbors and we treat them as such.

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College is often the first taste of real freedom for many young adults, but the truth is that freedom is not always safe. Of the women who attend college, 1 in 5 will be sexually assaulted, often by someone they consider trustworthy. Men are also at risk. The long-lasting psychological effects of such an attack can leave the victim unable to pursue their education because of missed time or lost scholarships. In many cases, the college or university itself needs to be held liable. If you or your child are a victim of sexual assault on a college campus, contact us immediately. The sexual abuse attorney team at RRBH Law will handle your case with the sensitivity and thoroughness it deserves.

Daycare and Foster Care

We send our children to daycare to build friendships and learn new things. Many of us rely on them to keep our children safe while we are at work. It is every parent’s nightmare to find out that their child has been sexually assaulted. To make things worse, much of the time the perpetrator is well known and trusted. In foster care as well, children fall prey to those who are supposed to protect them. Fighting for justice is the only thing left to do. For daycare and foster care sexual assault cases, you can always trust RRBH Law to follow through. We will do everything we can to get you justice.

Health Care

When we need professional medical attention or care for ourselves and our loved ones, safety should not be a question. Unfortunately, some individuals in the medical field take advantage of their position of power and authority. Whether in a hospital, home care, or nursing home setting, sexual abuse needs to be handled swiftly and diligently so that more do not suffer. If your loved one has been hurt while under the care of someone in the medical care profession, you shouldn’t wait to get help. The sexual abuse attorney team at RRBH Law know what it takes to win your case.

Human Trafficking

We usually think of the abhorrent practice of human trafficking as a problem for other countries. However, nearly 10,000 cases were reported in the United States of America between 2008 and 2012. Many of the people sold into this modern form of slavery are often forced to work in the sex industry as dancers, prostitutes, and actors in pornography. At RRBH Law, we understand how to handle cases of human trafficking with sensitivity and determination.


The relationship between a student and a teacher should promote growth and open inquiry. Unfortunately, some teachers and school officials take advantage of this relationship to gain power over their pupils. The reality is that many children suffer sexual abuse at the hands of those who are supposed to be guiding them. If you or your child were sexually assaulted by a school official or teacher, let RRBH Law fight your case. Our expert attorneys will work with you to figure out what your options are.

Youth Sports

Sports are a great way for kids to learn about teamwork and commitment, but they also provide predators the opportunity to influence and take advantage of children. Many times, the abuser will form a bond with the victim to build trust and then exploit that trust by using it to keep their abuse silent. Have you experienced sexual assault at the hands of a coach or instructor? At RRBH Law, we will work tirelessly to help you get the justice you deserve.

As a victim or a loved one of a victim of sexual abuse, you know that the only way forward is to seek justice. The first step to getting that justice is retaining legal counsel from a law firm that knows how to handle sensitive cases such as yours with dignity and respect. At RRBH Law, we will work with you with compassion to get you the outcome you want. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation.