when is hurricane season in florida

When Is Hurricane Season in Florida? Your 2022 Guide

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When is hurricane season in Florida? Learn everything you need to know about it in this article.

You have to deal with hurricanes and tropical storms when you live in Florida, especially in the coastal areas. Florida is plagued by hurricanes every year. The same holds true wherever you live in Florida, whether you live in Miami, the Florida panhandle, Jacksonville, southwest Florida, or anywhere else. However, do you know when hurricane season begins in Florida? Usually, the hurricane season in Florida starts around mid-summer and lasts until October. It is estimated that the Sunshine State will be most likely to be hit by a landfall hurricane in September.

History of hurricanes and their frequency

Hurricanes and severe weather have a long history in Florida. The state is frequently affected by extreme weather events. However, how frequent are they? According to Universal Property, there have been 120 hurricanes recorded in the form of Florida since 1851.


What is the frequency of hurricanes in Florida? According to Best Places, tropical storms and hurricanes affect Florida approximately every three years. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of when hurricane season occurs each year if you live somewhere where it happens. In this way, you will be able to prepare yourself, your loved ones, and your home before any storms ever come around.

What is the month when Florida has the most hurricanes?

The most likely time for a hurricane to make landfall in Florida is mid-August through late October, regardless of when it occurs during hurricane season. Hurricane season officially peaks on September 10. During the hurricane season in Florida, June 1 to November 30 each year is when tropical storms are most active; August and September are the busiest months. Sunshine State residents are more at risk of hurricanes than residents of any other U.S. state in hurricane season.

Hurricanes pose what kinds of threats?

Once a hurricane makes landfall, it usually loses momentum, but coastal and inland damage is often significant. Besides the initial wind damage caused by hurricanes, they can also produce tornadoes and bring widespread flooding and initial wind damage.

In Florida, where do hurricanes tend to hit the hardest?

It has been estimated that Monroe County, located on the southwestern tip of Florida, has been hit with more hurricanes than any other Florida county, followed by Miami-Dade County and Broward County, which are located to the east. There are fewer hurricanes on the middle-western coast of Florida than on the rest of Florida’s coast compared to the rest of the state. When you move further into the Northwest region and further into the Panhandle, you will again find yourself in hurricane territory.

Florida hurricane season preparations

You should prepare your family if you live along the coast of Florida. If you want to protect your house and get coverage to cover extensive property damage during hurricanes, you need to make sure that your home is prepared for severe winds and flooding.


Be ready for hurricane season before it arrives. Several quick tips for hurricane preparation are listed below if you need them:

The days before the storm

  •     Evacuation routes should be planned
  •     Prepare a basic emergency kit
  •     Sign up for local or national emergency storm alerts
  •     Documents should be stored in waterproof containers, and digital copies should be made
  •     Ensure yourself against floods. Flood-related flooding is not covered by homeowners insurance, so you will need flood insurance.
  •     Know the flood risk for your home

As the storm rolled in

  •     Find a local shelter or apply for disaster assistance
  •     Stay up to date with weather alerts
  •     To check the status of flood-related roads, visit Florida 511
  •     Hurricane winds and flooding should be avoided


  •     If you have wind or water damage to your home, contact your flood insurance provider.
  •     Whenever it is safe to return, local officials will inform you.
  •     Photograph or videotape any damage to the property
  •     Clean up mold or other debris in your home while wearing protective clothing, such as gloves and face covers.


When is hurricane season in Florida? Make sure you are prepared before the hurricane season starts in Florida. I hope that this guide has helped you better understand the upcoming hurricane in Florida and how to prepare before, during, and after the storm.