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  • You know the old saying about getting hit by a bus? Well sadly it happened to me in real... read more

    Diane Moura Avatar
    Diane Moura

    positive review Amazing attorneys. Excellent service.

    David Newman Avatar
    David Newman
  • Irma property claim headache squashed! Thank you RRBH! Thank you Daniel Rodriguez!! I couldn't be happier!

    Dominic Sevald Avatar
    Dominic Sevald

    We have recommend RRBH Law to several clients for
    Insurance litigation & everyone has been extremely satisfied. Thank you.

    Alfredo Billings Avatar
    Alfredo Billings
  • RRBH Law is a very professional and extremely knowledgeable and responsive team. For any personal injury or insurance claims, let... read more

    Brandy Abreu Avatar
    Brandy Abreu

    Incredibly responsive service & a top personal injury expert! Moncy handled a rear end collision case for me and... read more

    Diane Moura Avatar
    Diane Moura
  • Extremely professional. They took care of a family members accident case. Will highly recommend again.

    Felipe Hernandez Avatar
    Felipe Hernandez

    The RRBH law group is a great law firm. Attentive to detail and to their clients. They fight for clients... read more

    Moises Saltiel Avatar
    Moises Saltiel