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Hurricane Irma Update: Property Damage, Now What?

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Hurricane Irma Update – Although Irma Arrived in Miami At High Tide, Most Claims We’re Seeing Involve Wind Damage

Within days of slamming into the Caribbean and south Florida, Hurricane Irma pushed further north today, into areas to which many of our neighbors had evacuated over the weekend.

The large rain bands extended across the entire state of Florida, downing trees and signs, pushing boats ashore and tearing off shingles.  The storm’s arrival at high tide caused flash flooding, most of which fortunately receded by later today.

Hurricane Irma Update On Damage:  Although Irma’s damage to Florida was not as great as the worst forecasts, almost three quarters of the state are still without power, and areas such as Naples and Jacksonville, as well as low lying areas of Miami, suffered flooding, standing water and downed power lines.

The Florida Keys suffered the brunt of the damage.  Portions of the road were washed out, and the rest was strewn with debris including sections of boats, jet skis and even appliances.   “I just hope everybody survived,” Governor Scott said after flying over the islands today. “It’s horrible what we saw.”

Hurricane Irma Update On Insurance Claims:  Many of our clients have been forwarding us emails from their insurance companies requesting that they be the first call in the event of Hurricane Irma property damage.  The trouble with calling the insurance company first is that they are financially motivated to minimize the payout on your claim.

Hurricane Irma Update On FEMA:  The news media is also suggesting that you call FEMA if you have experienced property damage from Hurricane Irma.  FEMA only handles flood claims so it may not make sense to register with them at all.

Our role here at RRBH Law is to help you to navigate the complex waters of Hurricane Irma property damage claims.  We can help you to determine whether you should call your insurance company and/or FEMA, and in all cases we will oversee the process to make sure that you have the resources to double check the amount of the claim settlement, and make sure that you are being fairly compensated.  We have the resources at our disposal to verify damage appraisals and make sure that qualified contractors are used for repair.  And if your insurance company does not fully compensate you for damages, then we are prepared to defend your rights.  Our fees are paid by the insurance company, and not out of your settlement, so it really makes sense to make us your first call.  If you think you have a claim, call us today at 1-844-CANE LAW.