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How Do I Know If I Need A Property Insurance Attorney? 3 Things to Know Before Settling

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Deciding whether to hire a property insurance attorney for your home insurance claim can seem like a tricky choice. In reality, though, it’s quite simple.

Here in the Miami area, we see first-hand some of the worst home damage that this country has seen. From hurricanes to sinkholes, it seems that Mother Nature always has something up her sleeve. As an insurance litigation attorney, I deal with the fallout from these and other scenarios, and let me tell you—you do not want to go up against the big insurance companies alone. Even small regional insurance companies have the legal know-how to take you for a ride.

Still don’t think you need a property insurance attorney? Here are three things to know before settling:

If Your Home Insurance Provider Denies Your Claim

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, so anytime they see an opportunity to not pay on a claim—perhaps by reinterpreting the legal language of your contract—they’re going to take it. When this happens, do not give up. Hiring a qualified insurance attorney to pursue your case will give you the opportunity to get the money that they owe you.

If Your Home Insurance Settlement Is too Low

There are times when insurance companies will offer to cover only part of the damage to your property. You might be tempted to think that some settlement is better than no settlement. But before you take the money and run, consider what you are losing out on. An attorney can argue against a low settlement and get you a better offer.

If You and the Insurance Company Cannot Agree

Given that you and the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim are working at cross purposes, you may find that your claim is at a standstill. When you and the insurance company are miles apart on an appropriate settlement amount, that’s when you know you need to bring an attorney on board. Any attorney worth their salt can find a way to bring the settlement number closer to, if not exceeding, the desired amount.

When your home has been damaged, and the insurance company refuses to pay your claim in full, you need to do what you have to do in order to protect your property. It’s important to remember that once you settle on a claim with your insurance provider, there is no going back—you can no longer pursue legal action after there is an agreement.

Need a Property Insurance Attorney?

The best way to make sure that you can pursue your case as far as you want is by making your property insurance attorney the first person you call in the event of home damage. At RRBH Law, we will work with you to get you the claim settlement you deserve. Call us first to get a jump on winning your case.