Damaged house from tree collapse due to storm

My Insurance Company Won’t Pay…Now What? How to Prepare for a Claim Denial

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With the stormy season upon us here in Miami, the likelihood that you will need to file an insurance claim for damage caused by a hurricane or thunderstorm go up by the day. Insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind, and for that reason, any of your claims that get denied by the insurance company are all the more infuriating.

It’s a common enough story. In the past 15 years, insurance companies have paid out more than $450 billion for damage done to property that is covered under their policies. Now that the numbers are in, those companies are trying to minimize their losses by looking for more ways to deny policyholders’ claims. Whether by finding legal loopholes or by simply rewriting policies to contain more claim exclusions, your insurance company has the advantage when it comes to winning a legal battle. What that means for policyholders is a repair bill that could lead to bankruptcy.

Instead of being caught off guard when your insurance company refuses to repair your property after the next big storm, use these tips to get prepared:

Document Your Property

With today’s technology, it is so easy to document your property for insurance purposes. Take a weekend to walk through your entire home and document everything of value as well as the structural and architectural details of the inside and outside of your home. Make digital copies of your photos and videos so you don’t accidentally lose them.

Also keep records of recent repairs and maintenance so that you can prove any damage was not preventable. One way that insurers can get around paying is by claiming that damage was caused by lack of maintenance rather than a storm. For instance, if your roof is in need of repair, the insurance company might deny any damage caused by water damage, even if the roof gets ripped off the house.

Keep Important Phone Numbers Handy

When natural disasters like hurricanes hit, it’s important to report insurance claims quickly. Once you document all of the damage from the storm thoroughly, call your insurance company to file a claim. If your claim is at the top of the storm’s resulting pile, you will get paid faster, which is extremely important when it comes to your home.

You should also keep the number of your attorney on your person at all times, especially during the rainy season. In fact, you might want to notify us of the damage before you file a claim. Since we have extensive experience handling insurance litigation, we will be able to help you document the damage correctly to help ensure that you will get paid. Having our expertise to guide you could mean the difference between getting the money and getting denied.

Now that hurricane season is here, make sure that your property is protected. In addition to the insurance you have on your home and other property, get some insurance for when the insurance company doesn’t follow through. Call RRBH Law today.