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Why Should I Hire a No Win No Fee Lawyer? 3 Reasons

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A lot of people think that they can’t afford an attorney. But what if you didn’t have to pay unless you won? That’s what a no fee no win lawyer (in other words, an attorney who works for contingency fees) can do for you.

Here’s why you might want to hire one.

You Don’t Have to Pay Up Front

One of the main advantages of hiring a no win no fee lawyer is that there is not an up-front investment on your part. This way, you will not have to worry about any legal bills while your case moves forward. If you’ve got other bills to pay, such as medical bills from a car crash or repair costs from damage to your home, this can be a lifesaver.

Contingency fees can also be negotiated. One of the biggest complaints that people have about hiring an attorney is that they don’t know how much it is actually going to cost. But when you negotiate with your attorney before your case moves forward, you can have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re getting into.

You Don’t Pay If You Lose Your Case

As the name implies, a no win no fee lawyer does not collect anything if your case has an unfavorable ruling. Think about it—in order for your attorney to even take on your case, he or she has to have a pretty good idea that it’s winnable. The uncertainties of the court can be nerve-wracking. A little bit of reassurance like this can go a long way.

You Can Be Sure that Your Attorney Will Work Hard to Get Paid

Even if your case is complicated, but your no win no fee lawyer thinks there’s a good chance you can win, you can bet that your attorney is going to work extra hard to get paid. Some cases require an aggressive approach, especially if you’re dealing with your insurance company. Because insurance companies are in it to make money, they want to pay out as little as possible. A no win no fee lawyer will work tirelessly so you can get every penny you’re owed.

Need the Help of a No Win No Fee Lawyer?

Think you can’t afford an attorney? Think again. The attorney’s at RRBH Law will work for you so that you can get the compensation you’re owed. Talk to us today to see if you have a case.