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Free Business Interruption Policy Review Amid COVID-19 Shutdowns

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Miami, Fla., April 2, 2020 – RRBH Law is offering free policy reviews to business interruption insurance policyholders who have experienced losses because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mandatory stay-at-home orders have shuttered businesses across the country. While necessary to protect the public health of the community, the closures have left non-essential businesses struggling. With beaches already reopening, Florida’s stay-at-home order is set to fully expire on April 30, unless Gov. Ron DeSantis extends it. However, most businesses have already experienced financial loss, and without assistance, many will be forced to close indefinitely.

These current challenges that business owners face beg the question: Will business interruption insurance cover any of the losses? Insurance policies are notoriously difficult to understand, so as policyholders read their policies, they may wonder whether any of the provisions included in their policies protect them. The experienced attorneys at RRBH Law—who specialize in insurance litigation, among other areas of law—are offering their services to help policyholders understand in clear, concise language how their business interruption policies deal with the ramifications of COVID-19.

The RRBH Law team is asking any business owners who have business interruption coverage to contact their office for their free policy review. To schedule your free policy review, enter your information here. You can also contact the office over the phone by dialing 305-800-HOME.

By reviewing a policy line by line with an attorney trained in insurance litigation, policyholders can ensure that they will discover the specific language that protects them. In turn, knowing what a policy does and does not cover will maximize the benefits of the policy, which will help reduce their financial stress during the pandemic. If their policy does not cover their specific situation, they can, at least, uncover any exclusions or limitations in their policies to avoid future claim denials.

Federal and State governments have already discussed and put into action some measures to help prevent businesses from closing. However, even with forgivable loans and stimulus packages, some business owners have already had to make that difficult decision. The attorneys at RRBH Law advise all businesses with business interruption insurance to explore this critical source of emergency funding by accepting their free policy review offer.

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