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8 Injury Causes That Require a Slip and Fall Attorney


If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, it’s essential to seek the assistance of a slip and fall attorney. 

Imagine the following scenario: You’re at the local grocery store, going about your usual routine, when all of a sudden, you slip on a wet surface and fall to the ground. As you attempt to stand back up, you realize that you’re in excruciating pain. Such accidents can have devastating consequences on one’s life, both physically and financially. In this article, we will discuss eight typical causes of slip and fall incidents that necessitate the assistance of an experienced slip and fall attorney.

Get a Slip and Fall Attorney If You Were Injured from These Common Causes

  1. Wet Floors: Wet floors are a common cause of slip and fall accidents, especially in public places like grocery stores, malls, and restaurants. If a property owner fails to warn visitors or clean up a wet floor promptly, they may be liable for any injuries.
  2. Loose Floorboards: Loose or damaged floorboards can easily trip someone, causing them to fall and suffer injuries. Property owners have a duty to maintain their floors in a safe condition and should promptly repair any damaged or loose floorboards.
  3. Loose or Bulging Carpeting: Like loose floorboards, loose or bulging carpeting can cause someone to trip and fall. Property owners should regularly inspect their carpeting and repair any damages to avoid slip and fall accidents.
  4. Loose Mats or Rugs: Similar to loose carpeting, loose mats or rugs can also create a tripping hazard. Property owners should secure their mats or rugs to avoid accidents.
  5. Spillages of Food or Liquids: Spillages of food or liquids can cause a slippery surface, making it easy for someone to slip and fall. Property owners should clean up spills promptly and post warning signs to notify visitors of any potential hazards.
  6. Potholes or Cracks: Potholes or cracks in sidewalks or parking lots can easily cause someone to trip and fall. Property owners should inspect their premises regularly and repair any potholes or cracks to prevent accidents.
  7. Uneven Flooring or Sidewalks: Uneven flooring or sidewalks can also cause someone to trip and fall. Property owners should maintain their premises in a safe condition and repair any uneven surfaces to prevent accidents.
  8. Exposed Wiring or Other Tripping Hazards: Exposed wiring or other tripping hazards can cause serious injuries if someone trips and falls. Property owners should inspect their premises regularly and repair any exposed wiring or other tripping hazards to prevent accidents.

What to Know About Your Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Slip and fall incidents can result in significant physical pain and financial expenses. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that falls accounted for almost one-third of all preventable nonfatal injuries in 2018, with nearly 150,000 workers missing work due to same-level falls.

For older adults aged 65 and over, falls can be especially life-altering. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that one in five falls in this age group leads to serious injuries, such as head trauma or bone fractures, with hip fractures being primarily caused by falls.

Hip fractures, in particular, can pose severe complications for seniors, requiring surgery and extensive physical therapy and potentially threatening their lives. In addition, the cost of medical bills and lost income due to time off work can also be substantial for those who have fallen.

Serious injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, broken bones, sprains, strains, soft tissue damage, and joint dislocations. Even if symptoms appear minor, seeking medical attention immediately after a slip and fall accident is crucial, as some injuries may not show symptoms until later. In addition, having a medical report detailing accident-related injuries can provide valuable evidence if you decide to hold a property owner accountable for your damages.

How to Prove Your Case

You may be eligible for legal compensation if you have sustained injuries and incurred financial losses due to a slip and fall accident. First, however, you will need to prove that a property owner or their employee acted negligently, resulting in your accident and injury. This can be a complex process, and seeking guidance from a slip and fall attorney is beneficial in building a strong case against the responsible party.

In general, you will need to establish the following points to prove negligence:

  • The property owner or employee was legally responsible for ensuring a safe environment.
  • They failed to meet this responsibility, resulting in the accident (negligence).
  • You sustained injuries as a direct result of their negligence.
  • You have suffered damages, including financial losses, as a result of the accident.

Proving negligence can be challenging, as the defendant may argue that your behavior contributed to the accident or that you were partially responsible for your injuries. Therefore, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the legal process and the factors that can influence your case. Working with an experienced slip and fall lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of your case and improve your chances of achieving a successful outcome.

What damages can I seek?

You may be entitled to compensation for various damages when you can establish a defendant’s negligence in a slip and fall case. These may include:

  • Medical expenses incurred for treatment of injuries sustained in the accident
  • Lost wages or income resulting from time taken off work due to the accident and related injuries
  • Property damage, if any personal property was damaged or destroyed as a result of the accident
  • Pain and suffering caused by physical and emotional trauma experienced as a result of the accident

It’s important to note that the specific types of damages you may be eligible for will depend on the circumstances of your case. A skilled slip and fall lawyer can offer guidance on the types of damages you may pursue and assist you in compiling the necessary evidence to build a strong case against the negligent party.

Get a Slip and Fall Attorney You Can Trust with Your Case

Slip and fall accidents are frequently caused by a negligent party’s failure to address hazardous conditions in a timely manner, and if you’ve sustained injuries as a result of someone else’s carelessness, you will need the assistance of a slip and fall attorney to seek compensation. 

At RRBH Law, we specialize in handling complex cases. We can support you in all aspects of your slip and fall case, including offering sound legal advice, gathering and analyzing evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and representing you in court.

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