how long after an accident do you feel pain

How Long After a Car Accident Do You Feel Pain?


How long after a car accident do you feel pain? One of the many challenges drivers face is the aftermath of an accident. After a driver has been involved in an accident, they never quite know when the pain starts or when it will end.

Studies have found that pain can take up to three minutes to set in after an accident, depending on how severe the accident was. But sometimes, it can take a lot longer to feel the effects of an accident. In some cases, it may take several weeks to feel the first pain symptoms. In this article, you will learn the possible car accident injuries, how long the pain will last, and what actions to take after a car accident.

Possible Car Accident Injuries

A motor vehicle collision can result in a wide range of injuries. Some injuries, like orthopedic trauma, may vary in severity based on the circumstances of the accident. Still, many common injuries occur after a car crash, including:

A traumatic brain injury

Any damage to any part of your brain may result in long-term complications and even death. The severity of the injury is also variable but can be broken down into mild TBIs or severe ones.

A spinal cord injury

These spinal cord injuries are often caused by a traumatic blow that dislocates, crushes, fractures or compresses one or more vertebrae. This can result in a permanent loss of sensation, function, and strength below the injury site.

Individuals with this injury can benefit from assistive devices and rehabilitation treatment to help them lead independent, productive lives. Although there currently is no cure, as we search for treatments and options, we have a greater understanding of the ailment and how it affects people’s everyday life.

A broken bone

If a car crash results in fractures, it’s not always easy to assess how much pain somebody is going through. This may make them hesitant to seek medical treatment, in fear of being accused of exaggerating the extent of their wounds.

Treating broken bones usually involves two popular strategies: placing a cast or a splint over the area, immobilizing it and allowing it to heal, or using surgery to place metal rods to reset the bone.

How Long Should You Expect To Be Sore After a Car Accident?

Sometimes, after a car accident, you can experience a lingering pain that can be hard to ignore. This normal pain is often noticeable in the neck or back, but it’s sometimes felt in other places. Whiplash might be especially painful and require attention for weeks or months. 

If you have survived an automobile collision because of someone else’s negligence, take care of yourself and ensure you have legal help from an experienced car accident lawyer.

How Long Will the Pain Last?

It is not unusual for pain to linger for up to six weeks following a car accident. The most common pain after a car accident includes minor aches and soreness, often in the neck or back. However, even minor whiplash can last for weeks, making it difficult to turn your head or move your neck into certain positions.

Minor injuries often heal after six to eight weeks, although some symptoms may linger beyond that point. For example, a broken bone might take six to eight weeks to heal with proper treatment, but it can take more than that for more severe injuries. Likewise, mild to moderate sprains and strains usually heal in about six to eight weeks.

Each accident and injury is different, so it’s impossible to tell how long the recovery will take. It depends on numerous factors, including the damage sustained, their diagnosis from a medical professional, and their age.

A Car Accident Is About More Than a Collision

A surge of adrenaline is released when you’re in an auto accident. This hormone releases powerful chemicals that help to protect and shield your system. Their goal is to keep you alive because your body wants to live. Several self-preservation reactions are brought on by adrenaline, including:

  • Enhanced energy
  • Diminished or absent pain
  • Expanded airways and blood arteries that improve oxygen flow
  • Increased strength due to your muscles receiving more blood flow
  • Alterations in your hearing and vision that concentrate on the sights and sounds in front of you

So, what are the actions to take after a car accident?

  1. Call 911 immediately following your crash
  2. Collect evidence from the car accident scene
  3. Find witnesses and gather their testimony
  4. Obtain details from other drivers
  5. Speak to a lawyer before talking to the insurance company about the accident
  6. Keep an eye on what you say

Learn More About How Long You Feel Pain After a Car Accident

How long after a car accident do you feel pain? After a car accident, contacting the insurance company and immediately filing a claim is essential, but without expert help, you could damage your case. If you’re experiencing pain that doesn’t seem to go away with rest or medication, don’t hesitate to reach out to RRBH Law for help. Our team of accident lawyers can evaluate your case and determine if you have legal grounds on which to sue the other party. Contact us today at 305-800-4663 for more information.