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Common Slip and Fall Injuries That Entitle You to Compensation

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Slip and fall injuries can be serious, even life-threatening. In fact, slip and fall accidents are one of the most common reasons that people visit the emergency room in Florida. If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation.

To better understand how to communicate how your injuries have affected you to your doctor and attorney, here are some of the most common injuries that arise from slip and fall accidents.

Broken Bones

Falls are often forceful enough to break bones. Broken arms, legs, fingers, and hips are common, though slip and fall accidents can result in broken bones almost anywhere on the body. Age also plays an important role in how severe the broken bone is because of illnesses like osteoporosis, though such details rarely matter from a legal standpoint. No matter what age you are, you are entitled to compensation to help you pay for medical treatment.

Knee Damage

In many slip and fall accidents, victims may twist as they fall, which can cause serious injury to the knees and connected ligaments and tissue. Because knees are intricate, they can take a long time to heal, especially if you hurt the ligaments and tendons. In some cases, you may need reconstructive surgery, which can add time to your recovery and increase the amount you owe in medical bills.

Spine or Nerve Damage

When the spine is damaged, many complications, some extremely serious, can arise. Nerve damage is also common and can happen anywhere on the body. Sometimes, nerve damage can be permanent, and you may be able to receive compensation for loss of function or loss of quality of life.

Traumatic Brain Injury

You might think that to get a traumatic brain injury that you have to hit your head, but the truth is, any sudden jolt, whether direct or not, can result in brain damage. This fact is why it is important to seek medical attention as soon as you can after your injury. Without a diagnosis and treatment, a traumatic brain injury can grow worse over time, causing other problems and complications.

Lacerations and Contusions

Many slip and fall accidents result in cuts and bruises. Cuts can cause permanent disfigurement, which you can receive compensation for if you pursue it in court.

Muscle Strains

While muscle strains may not seem as serious as the above injuries, they can result in lost wages and even life-long problems. Some muscle strains even require surgery to correct the injury.

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It’s absolutely critical to seek medical attention if you are hurt because of someone else’s negligence. Not only can you prevent your injuries from growing worse, but also by talking to a doctor, you are documenting your injuries. After you talk to a doctor, get in touch with us to see how we can help you recover compensation for your injuries.