After a car accident, all you want to know is how to get your life back

I’m a car accident attorney and trial lawyer who can take care of the complex world of insurance so you can return to your life as quickly and fully as possible.

No Upfront Cost

Being in an accident is stressful enough without worrying about how to pay. We’re paid out of the insurance settlement when you win.

Medical Attention

We can refer you to healthcare providers who will defer payment and help build your case. Helping you to get well is our #1 priority.

Trial Ready

Insurance companies come to trial with powerful attorneys who aim to minimize your payout. You need a car accident attorney with extensive trial experience on your side.

You may have paid your premiums, but big insurance companies
have no intention of paying you.

After a car accident, injured clients are often overwhelmed with the paperwork, appointments, and tricky questions insurance companies ask during phone calls. After paying their premiums they want to believe that the insurance company will pay them what is fair for their injuries, but the insurance adjuster is required to negotiate the lowest settlement you’ll accept, even if treating your injuries costs considerably more.

Insurance companies shouldn't get away
with taking advantage of their clients

I’m car accident attorney Moncy Blanco-Herrera, and I have dedicated myself to helping clients who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence to receive a fair settlement so they can not only pay their medical bills but be compensated for other pleasures of life that the car accident may have taken from them. I have worked on hundreds of cases where my experience has taught me the importance of attention to detail in preparing for trial. Unlike larger firms where you work with assistants, at RRBH Law you’ll work directly with me to make sure that all of the important details of your case and your treatment are captured to improve your settlement.

4 Steps To Getting Your Life Back


You meet me in my office, at your location or over Zoom to discuss your case.


I refer you to a healthcare team who can help your recovery, defer payment and build your case.


I stop pushy conversations from the insurance company and keep you informed as I prepare for negotiation or trial.


You get as much of your life back as possible.

Incredibly responsive service & a top personal injury expert! Moncy handled a rear end collision case for me and provided amazing service and results. He always answered his texts and called me right back day or night (even when I didn’t really expect him to), and went the extra mile to make the process as easy as possible for me.

Diane M

Mr. Blanco-Herrera is by far the most knowledgeable attorney I have encountered in the field of Personal Injury in a long time. He is helpful, patient, and has a deep knowledge of Personal Injury Law in Florida.


This firm and Mr, Herrera have represented me and my family in 3 different cases all with excellent results, i could not be more impress with the level of knowledge and professionalism , Mr.Herrera took care of everything from beginning to end and kept us informed at all time in a very friendly manner, Very highly recommended, thank you,


Get Your Life Back

What To Do
After A Car Accident