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Hurricane Dorian Damage?


Has your property been damaged from Hurricane Dorian? Our team will connect you with REPUTABLE Florida contractors to quickly prevent further damage and water entering your home or business. We'll then manage your insurance claim from start to finish, reducing the stress of a difficult situation. If your insurance company tries to underpay or deny your claim, our expert attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve. All at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Get The Money You Deserve To FULLY Restore Your Home Or Business

Hurricane Dorian Damage, Including:

  • Roof Damage
  • Fallen Trees
  • Window Damage
  • Flooding
  • Sewer Backup Damage
  • Storm Surge Damage
  • Tornado and Wind Damage

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If you are looking for compassionate property insurance attorneys who will see you through these difficult situations, work tirelessly to help you to find the right help to quickly prevent further damage to your home or business and then complete the proper repairs without cutting corners, please contact us for a consultation.

We don’t hide behind legal assistants and receptionists. At RRBH Law you’ll have the cell phone number of a real expert attorney. We’ll introduce you to our trusted network of contractors and service professionals who can work to restore your your home or business, and anything that may have been damaged as a result of Hurricane Dorian. We are sensitive to the amount of stress you and your family are enduring right now, and we’ll give you a realistic and unbiased assessment of the process and compensation you are likely to receive.

Hurricane Dorian Property Damage?

We Are Committed To Quickly And Fairly Restoring The Damage To Your Home Or Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn't I let my insurance company handle my claim?

Your insurance company must report profits to its shareholders.  It is financially motivated to maximize premiums and minimize payouts.  By relying on their assessments you are more likely to receive less compensation than you deserve.

Does my insurance agent need to process my claim?

If something catastrophic like a hurricane comes through the area, your agent’s phone will be ringing off the wall with policyholders wanting to submit a claim. ⁠

And what about your agent and their home? If your agent is local to the area and has issues with their own home, the time it takes to get in touch with them will be even longer. ⁠

In this event, you are free to reach out directly to the company that holds your policy. And you’ll want to do this because the faster you submit your claim, the faster you’re reimbursed. ⁠

Are additional living expenses reimbursed when disasters occur?

So much emphasis during a property damage claim is on getting reimbursed for the material objects you’ve lost. But your insurance company will also reimburse you for bills and expenses that accrue due to forced changes. These include hotel stays, meals, laundry, fuel, as well as other living necessities. ⁠

Do I need to save my receipts if Hurricane Dorian forces me from my home?

Yes if you can, please save your receipts or at least have access to them electronically.  This includes any hotel stays, food, and any other expenses that occur during your time out of your home. Keeping receipts will help ensure you are reimbursed for these unforeseen expenses. ⁠

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At RRBH Law our attorneys have spent time as State Attorney prosecutors and in criminal defense. Learning the courtroom from the most challenging vantage points has seasoned our perspective and has turned us into highly skilled negotiators of fast settlements and tough litigators in the courtroom if needed. We're compassionate and available to our clients, while aggressively defending their rights.


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